• Earl Jefferson

Yes We Have the Attention of Joe Buscaino, 311 Now LOOKING for Illegal Dumping, Removing Immediately

It didn't take long. Not at all. 'Do Nothing' Joe Buscaino, who sometimes but mostly DOESN'T represent the 15th Council District has finally had his 'woke' moment.

We hope.

If not him then the great people at LA311 and the Los Angeles sanitation department have finally heard from the people who work for Joe Buscaino. After multiple complaints about the management structure or the missing in action management structure in the council office of Joe Buscaino, the people responsible for picking up illegal dumping are now not just responding to LA311 requests.

They are actually LOOKING for illegal dumping BEYOND LA311requests.

We will call him Double D in the sanitation department of Los Angeles. After discussed the ongoing issues within the neglected areas (Western to Torrance to Denker to Del Amo and back to Western), this blog learned that the council office of Joe Buscaino does not respond to communication from this department.

Gee, surprising! NOT!!!!

This morning as did a walk through (something Joe Buscaino should be doing but he's too busy diverting $40,000 from the Gang Alternatives Program to spaghetti dinners in San Pedro), the coolest dude responsible for picking up illegal dumping was asked to pick up a television set which had been requested to be removed several days ago.

Separate department. He was bulk removal.

He took the television set. AND he saw other items NOT on his list and he took them. Good dude, did more than what he was asked. He could have said fk you but he did his job.

Unlike Joe Buscaino. Who has actually told people that Harbor Gateway South can go fk itself. Not good Joe Buscaino, not good.

This man Joe Buscaino MUST NOT BECOME MAYOR!!! Joe Buscaino is a failure in his council district and will be a failure as Mayor.

This blog was created to highlight those failures. More to come.

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