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Time to Nickname Joe Buscaino, 'No Show Joe' or 'Joe Must Go" or "MIA Joe' or "Do Nothing Joe'

It's time to come up with a nickname for City Councilmember Joe Buscaino. So we have "Crooked Hillary," so what about 'Crooked Joe' Buscaino.


We could go with 'No Show Joe.' That's a good one, 'No Show Joe.' Joe Buscaino only shows up for parties, spaghetti dinners, events outside of the 15th Council District he misrepresents.

Joe Buscaino won't even show up at meetings to discuss the massive amount of homeless people living on the streets of his district nor will he show up at meetings to discuss illegal dumping or illegal fireworks in Joe Buscaino's district.

Perfect Image of What Joe Buscaino Does for His Constituents

Apparently Joe Buscaino prefers 'focus groups' instead of face to face meetings. Oh how about 'Chicken Joe' Buscaino! Remember 'Chicken George' in the television show "Roots?'

Nah, that's a good one but not right for Joe Buscaino.

Moving along...

Maybe 'Missing In Action Joe' Buscaino? Ah, same as 'No Show Joe' Buscaino. Not liking these but you get the drift of this post. 'Do Nothing Joe' Buscaino still works best.

But let us know what you think because this blog is about Councilmember Joe Buscaino and the fact that he does absolutely nothing to help out residents in his district that have to put up with trash dumped all over the district, homeless people marauding throughout his district and on and on.

And this guy wants to be Mayor?

This blog is dedicated to ensuring that Joe Buscaino is sent packing from the political system in Los Angeles. Read other posts on this blog to see the horrific conditions and you'll see why Joe Buscaino is now running scared of this blog.

Got your attention now don't we Joe Buscaino.

More about you and the lack of services you don't provide moving forward. You will NOT be Mayor of Los Angeles.

Run Earl run!!!

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