• Earl Jefferson

Time to Challenge Joe Buscaino, Time for Joe Buscaino to Go! Should Earl Jefferson Run?

Well most of you know who Earl Jefferson is. Most of you know his real name. But for now until Earl Jefferson decides to come out from the shadows and run for the Council District 15 seat misrepresented by Joe Buscaino let's keep Earl in the background.

For now Joe Buscaino..

Just for now Joe Buscaino. Just for now.

Considering that Joe Buscaino's Council District 15 is an absolute mess of homelessness and massive illegal dumping there's lots of reasons to remove Joe Buscaino. Now Joe Buscaino thinks he should be Mayor Joe Buscaino.

So look below. Look at the array of pictures from District Council 15 misrepresented by Joe Buscaino. Time for Joe Buscaino to go if this is the best he can do.

One more thing about Joe Buscaino...Joe Buscaino apparently was heard say the likes of 'Fck Harbor Gateway South,' the area Joe Buscaino represents. A portion of the area Joe Buscaino represents.

Now in a court of law that would be considered "hearsay" but clearly looking at the conditions of Harbor Gateway South represented by Joe Buscaino it probably is not far from the truth.

But look at the images below. This IS Joe Buscaino. This is what Joe Buscaino is doing in Council District 15.

Good work Joe Buscaino, good work.

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