• Earl Jefferson

Things Getting Worse, Travelodge Hotel in Gardena Now Housing Inmates from State, County Jails

Updated: Mar 2

And no one in the community was made aware of this. Not LAPD, certainly we should not expect that Do Nothing Joe Buscaino would do anything to let the community know.

Oh that's right Joe Buscaino couldn't do anything about it because he didn't know. Or more than likely didn't want residents living in his district know.

Joe Buscaino failing his Council District 15 again.

A cri

me report from LAPD is now floating around residents in Gardena, Torrance and surrounding communities about the Travelodge Hotel at 1390 West 186th street is not a transitional hotel for inmate being released from California State and Local prisons. Falling under a program titled Project Hope, inmates are being released out in to the community because of the Covid 15 virus.

According to LAPD none of the inmates are sex offenders, registered arsonists or mentally ill but that's not the point. People in the community informed and that is the responsibility of Councilmember Joe Buscaino. And once again Joe Buscaino gives his district the middle finger and as usual is nowhere to be found.

Has anybody seen Joe Buscaino?

Oh one more thing as we put out a BOLO on Joe Buscaino. The Travelodge Hotel is literally 4/10 of a mile from Gardena High School. A 2 minute drive and an 8 minute walk.

An 8 minute walk

Has anybody, anybody seen Joe Buscaino?

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