• Earl Jefferson

Taxpayer Funded Trips, Vegas, San Antonio, DC, Joe Buscaino MIA, Illegal Dumping Festers in CD15

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Where's Crooked Buscaino now?

Where is Joe Buscaino abusing taxpayer money this week?

Joe Buscaino, Joe Buscaino where for art thou?????

Well Joe Buscaino surely is focused on his district when he goes to San Antonio...San Antonio? Why is Joe Buscaino in San Antonio, oh that's right while the streets in Council District 15 are "rife with homeless people, graffiti, illegal dumping and uncleaned streets," Joe Buscaino is spending taxpayer dollars becoming president of the National League of Cities.

Oh yeah that's what residents in Council District 15 want. Forget the "homeless people, graffiti, illegal dumping and uncleaned streets."

"Joe Buscaino has misused taxpayer funds since taking office and this needs to end," said Rick Thomas who is planning a run for Council District 15. "He has spent time everywhere but in his district and the misuse of $40,000 in Gang Alternatives Program funding is a clear example of constant corruption by him and other members of Los Angeles City Council."

Let's spend money, taxpayer money on sending the Councilmember known as Joe Buscaino, to San Antonio. Which doesn't have a rat's rump to cleaning up his district.


Yeah Joe Buscaino spent taxpayer's dollars going to Washington, DC to attend the U. S. Conference of Mayors.

OK, why?


While the streets of Council District 15 are full of "homeless people, graffiti, illegal dumping and uncleaned streets."

Why do we pay Joe Buscaino $184,610 a year and he's never in his district?

Crooked Buscaino at it again. In the meantime don't shake the hand of Joe Buscaino. You might lose a couple of fingers. And some images of the issues in his district all over this post.

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