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Stakeholders Turn Down Meeting @ Joe Buscaino's Watts Office, Cite Need for 'Neutral Setting'

Updated: Mar 2

After no showing for a meeting to discuss issues facing Council District 15 misrepresented by Councilmember Joe Buscaino, members of the community have turned down terms set by Caitlin Muldoon, Field Deputy for Joe Buscaino.

The terms were simple and immediately rejected. Caitlin Muldoon asked that the meeting take place at the Watts office for Joe Buscaino. The first meeting where Joe Busaino and his team were asked to attend took place at Harbor Community Police Station in San Pedro. A location closer to the issues originally discussed and were to be on the agenda at that meeting.

The group has offered multiple dates and want the location to be at the LAPD Harbor Community Police Station. "Let's hope Caitlin Muldoon gets back to us with an acceptable date and time," Rick Thomas continued. "Our disappointment in being completely disrespected for Joe Buscaino and his no show at our initial meeting is part of the reason as well. We planned that meeting expecting their attendance and they didn't show. As elected leaders they should now have to play on our terms."

The community has offered the week of March 10th or the week of March 17th on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night at 6:30PM. Said request was made 6 days ago with no response from Caitlin Muldoon or Joe Buscaino.

"We'll let them get through this election period and wait for their response. As of now we have not heard back," Rick Thomas said.

Issues include the increase of illegal dumping in CD 15 with no resolution, massive parking issues, the use of illegal fireworks among others.

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