• Earl Jefferson

Protest at Garcetti's Home Saturday, NO MOVEMENT, NO RESPONSE on Homeless Issue or Illegal Dumping

Here we go again. The 'Streets of Shame' is what NBC4LA calls it on their news content and on their news site. The 'Streets of Shame' in Los Angeles continue while Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and all of City Council including Councilmember Joe Buscaino do nothing to resolve the issues of homelessness and illegal dumping.

While Los Angeles city streets continue decline in cleanliness, while Los Angeles city streets continue to increase in the number of homeless people, its citizens are quite pissed.


And that's their attitude, not the excrement left on the streets of Los Angeles night after night with no response from the city. And the second protest to highlight the increasingly horrific conditions of neighborhoods in and around LA will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2PM at Mayor Eric Garcetti's house in Hancock Park. The address is 605 South Irving Boulevard and is the second demonstration to get some action from the city on the issue of homelessness and illegal dumping that has led to disease, rats, mice and whatever next might come from this issue.

This unidentified woman spoke to offering some solutions to the problem.

Response from the city? Crickets!

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