• Earl Jefferson

Perfect Example of Illegal Dumping in Joe Buscaino 'Misrepresented' 15th Council District

Well there it is. Just this photo is a clear and most obvious example of the reason certain streets in Los Angeles are a constant mess.

Starting with the streets in the 15th City Council District 15 misrepresented by Councilmember Joe Buscaino. This photo is why he must be replaced as Joe Buscaino has ZERO focus on the issues facing the people in his district.

Joe Buscaino loves to spend time partying in Las Vegas instead of trying to relieve the massive amount of illegal dumping taking place in his area of misrepresentation. THIS photo is why Joe Buscaino should spend time in his district when he doesn't. And illegal dumping is on the rise while he does nothing.


This is about people's lives. Our first responders lives. This at the corner of 206th street and Western Avenue. What if there was a fire? What if there was a fire on that corner and first responders had to pick up and move logs.

Literal wood logs right in front of the hydrant. Right where first responders would need to plug their hoses to get to water to put out a fire.

And where is Joe Buscaino when it comes to this type of illegal dumping? In San Antonio, Texas meeting with the National League of Cities instead of attempting to save lives of first responders by cleaning up this mess.

This is the worst of the worst when it comes to illegal dumping in the area represented by Joe Buscaino but glad to him focused on it while spending tax dollar to party in Las Vegas and in San Antonio.

Good work Joe Buscaino, good work on illegal dumping.

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