• Earl Jefferson

Paddy O's, Western, Del Amo Safety, Fire Hazard, Do Nothing Joe Buscaino Does Nothing to Secure

Updated: Mar 2

Complaints for three years to Councilmember Joe Buscaino about the abandoned Paddy O's on the corner of Western and Del Amo and now the nightmare has begun.

The nightmare has begun.

"This property is a lawsuit in the making," said Rick Thomas who is planning a run for Council District 15. "We've asked Joe Buscaino to remedy this issue with zero response as usual and with children now having access to this abandoned property this is not going to end well and Joe Buscaino is simply clueless on a solution because nobody can find him as he is always out of the state." has been in the area where Paddy O's, the closed down Irish bar, and now has witnessed children going in and out of the abandoned property now that the side door of the location is wide open, a whole was dug out on the wall on the Western Avenue side of the property and broken glass on one of the windows is on the sidewalk of the structure. Showing that people are inside of the property which could lead to homeless camping inside the building which then leads to a huge safety issue.

Now children as young as 10 years old are going inside the unlocked structure which makes the security of the building even more critical for LAPD and Crooked Buscaino. called LAPD's non-emergency line and four cops showed up saying nothing can be done on their end to secure the property.

And they are right.

So the burden of responsibility falls on Crooked Buscaino and Joe Buscaino is as usual missing in action and his staff is clueless as to how to resolve this issue.

And the lives of children, the lives of the LAPD, the lives of the Los Angeles Fire Department and of critical importance the lives of those living in the community are affected.

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