• Earl Jefferson

Paddy O's, "Best Irish Food in the South Bay" Now Illegal Dumping Example for Joe Buscaino

Paddy O's is now closed. Right on the corner of Western Avenue and Del Amo Boulevard, used to be a great Irish bar. And now is a complete eyesore and a perfect example of the illegal dumping issue in the area misrepresented by Joe Buscaino.

Many complaints to Joe Buscaino have been made with no response to the illegal dumping that has gone on at this location in his district since the eatery has closed. The images are horrific.

Simply horrific.

And now there is a constant leakage of water at Paddy O's running down Western Avenue. And where is Joe Buscaino on this water issue and the issues with illegal dumping on the property?

Nowhere to be found. As usual when you try to find Councilmember Joe Buscaino and address the illegal dumping at Paddy O's you just can't find your local representative.

He could be at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. He could be dancing to New York, New York at the Italian Heritage event in San Pedro which he funded by diverting $40,000 from the Gang Alternatives Program from that needed community program.

But Joe Buscaino is missing in action as usual when it comes to illegal dumping and the problems now festering at Paddy O's at Western and Del Amo.

When this issue what brought up to Joe Buscaino two years ago there was immediate progress. Aksel Palacios who was in charge of the area where Paddy O's is located he cleaned it up. And the Aksel was promoted and we were left with an inexperienced replacement straight from a coffee shop.

Then the mess began. Excuses were made as to why the property could not be cleaned. Paddy O's could not be cleaned because the property was in a trust. But Aksel got around that issue and made sure the owners inside the trust kept the property clean.

Today? Nothing. Another example of Joe Buscaino unable to deliver on positively responding to the issue of illegal dumping in his district.

Once again where's Joe Buscaino when it comes to illegal dumping in Council District 15?


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