• Earl Jefferson

'No Show Joe' Buscaino, WAKES UP!! Takes Down 'No Dumping' Signs as Illegal Dumping Continues

Joe Buscaino is seeing his path to Mayor of Los Angeles slipping. He's feeling the heat from and he's fighting back.

The wrong way.

But we have the attention of Joe Buscaino now don't we Joe Buscaino. Because Earl is about ready to run for your city council seat and Earl is investing time and money to ensure that you do NOT become Mayor of Los Angeles.

What a massive mistake that would be.

Over 50 'No Dumping' signs were put up in 'No Show' Joe Buscaino's 15th council district highlighting the massive and horrific illegal dumping and homelessness problems that he and the city have not addressed.

Well 'No Show' Joe Buscaino we have your attention now don't we?

We have been on the rear end of 'No Show' Joe Buscaino to the point where he had his team take down 50 'No Dumping' signs but will not rest until this issue is resolved.

'No Show' Joe Buscaino is in the news today concerning the homeless issue that he and Mayor Garcetti ignored for too many years. Trying to resolve an issue Joe Buscaino and the mayor created.

Too late. Time for you to go 'No Show' Joe Buscaino. But if you really want see the horrific conditions of Council District 15 misrepresented by Joe Buscaino just look below.

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