• Earl Jefferson

'No Dumping' Signs Go Up, Decrease Seen, Joe Buscaino Then Takes Signs Down...Why?

Can Joe Buscaino be this dumb?

Seems yes is the answer. But now we've got his attention. We really have his attention. Recently the residents in the district council area represented by Joe Buscaino paid for no illegal dumping signs to be placed to stop this terrible practice of people pulling up moving in trucks and dumping trash and garbage in the streets, on sidewalks in front of people homes.

What has Joe Buscaino done to solve the problem?

Nothing. Crickets from Joe Buscaino. But he can take down signs asking people not to dump, right? Good work Joe Buscaino, good work.

After weeks and weeks of residents sending in hundreds of 311 requests to pick up illegal dumping in the 15th district, ILLEGAL DUMPING DECREASED 70%!!!

Great news, right?

Massive Decrease in Illegal Dumping 311 Requests After 'No Dumping' Signs Put Up in 15th District

Not to Joe Buscaino. 'No Show' Joe Buscaino is 'Casper' as in ghost. Nobody in the district represented by Joe Buscaino knows where Joe Buscaino is these days.

He certainly is nowhere to be found in City Council District 15. Except when he went all 'Sneaky Joe' Buscaino decided he would take down 'No Dumping' signs in the middle of the night.

Bottom line where residents each were putting in close to 25 311 requests on a weekly basis NOW look at one resident's 311 requests.

Massive decrease once again no thanks to Joe Buscaino.

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