• Earl Jefferson

NBC4 LA Covers Weekend Demonstration @Mayor Garcetti's Mansion About Massive Homeless Issue

This is starting to grow. And will no longer be a backburner topic here in Los Angeles. While most were getting ready for the Labor Day weekend with family and friends, some here in Los Angeles were demonstrating outside of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's mansion in Hancock Park to highlight the massive homeless problem that he and other city officials including Councilmember Joe Buscaino have completely ignored.

No more.

Kevin Dalton, who organized this demonstration and who has future plans to run for mayor, put together this effort as he is looking for someone, anyone in this city to actually spend time focused on this problem.

Seems Mayor Garcetti got all caught up in living the dream that he could actually be like 'Mayor Pete' and that effort seems to have failed. But while campaigning in Iowa instead of using the funds given to the city and the county to reduce homelessness, the problem has increased to massive proportions.

There are more homeless people on the streets of Los Angeles than ever in the city's history.

Councilmember Joe Buscaino has done no better. While Joe Buscaino diverts $40,000 of Gang Alternatives Program money to his personal spaghetti dinner events in San Pedro and attends the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, his 15th District is a homeless mess. In Joe Buscaino's 15th District near Harbor City Estates, residents in that area have complained at a community meeting about the increase in the number of homeless people deteriorating property values in that neighborhood.

Where was Joe Buscaino the day of that meeting? He was a no show. Sent his reps.

So both Mayor Garcetti and Councilmember Joe Buscaino have failed leading to the demonstration outside Garcetti's mansion on Saturday. But more on the Harbor City Estates issue in an upcoming post.

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