• Earl Jefferson

Joe Buscaino Refuses Meeting w/CD15 Stakeholders Illegal Dumping & Fireworks Issues Grow

Joe Buscaino was asked kindly and Joe Buscaino along with his people refused to address major issues in Council District 15 which he supposedly represents.

Key word "supposedly."

As Joe Buscaino spends tax dollars at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, in San Antonio at the National League of Cities and now on taxpayer's dimes partying in Washington, DC the conditions in Joe Buscaino's Council District 15 continue to fester.

In a big way.

Illegal dumping, illegal use of fireworks all over CD15. Illegally parked cars, gang activity with no resolution, streets with no stop or yield signs, streets with no handicap cutouts, abandoned properties wide open and unsafe and on and one and where is Joe Busaino?

In Las Vegas. In San Antonio. In Washington, DC and not representing his district.

So the community asked for a town hall style meeting with Joe Buscaino to address illegal dumping and illegal fireworks and he chickened out. He had his staff speak with a Council District 15 Stakeholder and the results were not impressive.

The conversation began with Joe Buscaino staff member Gaby Medina. And that conversation was described as "very unprofessional, rude, and" and Gaby Medina "kept cutting me off."

Remember these are the people in the office of Joe Buscaino who are supposed to represent the stakeholders in CD15.

Apparently Joe Buscaino refuses to do 'town hall' style meetings as he fees the are "unproductive," and "he prefers focus groups."

Well when is he going to do a focus group?


A follow-up email was sent to the Jenny Chavez, Chief of Staff for Joe Buscaino but no response as to how to address the issues listed above.

Again crickets.

In the meantime Joe Buscaino is now partying in Washington on the backs of the taxpayers he is supposed to be representing.

In the meantime illegal dumping remains rampant, illegal fireworks are shot off at all times of the day and night, streets in the district Joe Buscaino represents are filthy and he's missing in action.

Joe Buscaino must go. He has failed. And he will be challenged for his Council seat in 2022. More to come.

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