• Earl Jefferson

Joe Buscaino Plans to Extend Del Amo Blvd. to Normandie Ave., Has He Asked the Community? Nope!

Nothing else to do Joe Buscaino? Well this is a good one and so far there has been no community input. Joe Buscaino hasn't even shared this with the people living in the 15th Council District he represents or should it be 'misrepresents noting the lack of basic city services. There have been unpublished reports that Joe Buscaino intends to extend Del Amo Boulevard from Denker to Normandie Avenue.

And has Joe Buscaino received any input from the impact this will have on the residents living in the area?

Nope. Not a word.

That part of Del Amo leading to Normandie is a nightmare. Truckers constantly go in and out of this location now as there is a industrial company located there. So what's the plan Joe Buscaino? What is the planning that has been done so far to realize the impact of opening up that small stretch of Del Amo Boulevard?

"The Harbor Gateway South community must demand to see the plans for this and how this changes traffic patterns in this part of Council District 15," said Rick Thomas who set up an exploratory committee to run to replace Joe Buscaino in 2022. "Joe Buscaino does not have the resident's best interest in mind noting the increase in homelessness encampments, illegal dumping and lack of weekly street sweep. Why would he have the best interest with this effort?"

Photos below show the area in question. When will Joe Buscaino share anything with the residents that live there. Probably never but we will keep an eye on future developments.

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