• Earl Jefferson

Joe Buscaino Moves Homeless Off Lomita Blvd., Relocates in Dump Site, Near Homes Residents Pissed

"They really didn't fix the issue," says one resident.

"Is not working," says another.

"They just moved them on the alley behind the Salvation Army," says one more.

Joe Buscaino is at it again. FAILING!!!

Joe Buscaino is failing once again big time. Residents in his 15th Council District on Lomita Boulevard between Vermont and Figueroa bitched and moaned about the homeless issue in that block. They had a meeting with Joe Buscaino...or should we say his staff as "No Show" Joe Buscaino of course was missing. Probably looking for ways to take another $40,000 from the Gang Alternatives Program to put to more spaghetti dinners in San Pedro.

By the way will be filing a complaint with the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate how Joe Buscaino can divert $40,000 of community funding to a personal party that he benefits from.

If not illegal, surely immoral and unethical of 'Do Nothing' Joe Buscaino. But Bill Barr if you're looking for a really good story check your email because this one is coming your way.

But we digress. Residents in the area mentioned above pitched a fast ball to Joe Buscaino to remove the homeless issue but bloggers took video of where the homeless encampment was and where it is now. Watch the first video of Lomita between Vermont and Figueroa, nice and clean now.

Then the second video of how Joe Buscaino solve the problem. OK let's say he didn't solve the problem. Check out what the guy who thinks he's going to be the next Mayor of Los Angeles failed at once again.

This was full of homeless persons tents and living quarters which was cleaned up by Joe Buscaino.

This is where Joe Buscaino put the homeless. At the beginning of the video are half a million dollar homes and Joe Buscaino has lowered the value of those homes with his solution to address the homeless issue.

Joe Buscaino should never be Mayor of Los Angeles. This video proves it.

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