• Earl Jefferson

Joe Buscaino, Lack of Focus on Illegal Dumping in CD 15 Putting First Responder's Lives at Risk

Happy New Year and nothing has changed. Joe Buscaino and his lack of response to illegal dumping issues in Council District 15 continues.

Crickets...crickets in 2019 and now crickets at the beginning of 2020.

Now first responder's lives are still in danger. Try to respond to a fire in Council District 15 and firefighters are still risking their lives AND the lives of the people who may be the victims of a fire as Joe Buscaino does nothing about illegal dumping in the area he misrepresents.

What is the issue? Now illegal dumping ignored by Joe Buscaino is taking place at fire hydrants all over the area he supposedly represents.

The photos in this post show the issue clearly. Illegal dumping that Joe Buscaino ignores every day but surely has time and effort to attend the Consumer Electronics Show at this time in Las Vegas while his area is suffering consistently from illegal dumping that Joe Buscaino sees as something he won't address.

And try to ask Joe Buscaino for a sign to stop people from the ongoing illegal dumping problem and the city no longer provides them to Los Angeles communities. Nope...a massive issue and Joe Buscaino chooses to continue to put first responder's lives in danger directly from illegal dumping at fire hydrants.

But the proof is in the images in this post. Illegal dumping is still taking place and Joe Buscaino is still clueless and probably is headed to another Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas.

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