• Earl Jefferson

Joe Buscaino Extends Red 'No Parking' Corners, Tractor Trailers Now on Residential Streets of CD 15

Updated: Mar 2

The next chapter of the goal to remove Joe Buscaino from council office has begun. Now Joe Buscaino and the City of Los Angeles has extended red no parking lines on corners allowing tractor trailers to use residential streets.

Absolutely criminal and unacceptable from Joe Buscaino.

An Amazon freight truck (pictured here) was on Del Amo Boulevard between Harvard Boulevard and Western Avenue, a completely residential neighborhood. And this is one of the locations where Joe Buscaino has extended red no parking lines on corners to permit this practice of tractor trailers having access to residential neighborhoods. .


Well there's a new trucking company DCW Logistics Services at 20500 Denker Avenue that opened last year and Joe Buscaino has given them access not only to Denker Avenue but to residential streets in a two mile square area.

"This is completely unsafe for residents in the area, of most importance the children in the area," said stakeholder Rick Thomas. "It's another example of the pure incompetence of Joe Buscaino and an example of his lack of attention and total disrespect to the people living in his district."

The extension of these red lines will be part of a class action lawsuit that

is being prepared against Joe Buscaino and the City of Los Angeles for lack basic city services according to Rick Thomas.

The red lines extensions are just part of close to 15 city services not provided by Joe Buscaino and the City of Los Angeles. Weekly street sweeping, lack of handicapped curb ramps and increased parking violations services are a few of the other issues.

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