• Earl Jefferson

Joe Buscaino Diverts $40,000 in 'Gang Alternative' $'s, 'Cheryl Green' Boys & Girls Club Shuts Down

This is the picture of corruption.

The picture of corruption.

Councilmember Joe Buscaino immorally diverts $40,000 from the Gang Alternatives Program dollars and the Cheryl Green 'Boys & Girls Club has been shuttered.


Shut down.

'Cheryl Green' Los Angeles 'Boys & Girls Club' De-Funded, Closed Down by Councilmember Joe Buscaino

Kids in Harbor Gateway South in the area misrepresented by Joe Buscaino. now have nowhere to go. Yet Joe Buscaino can divert $40,000 to spaghetti dinners in San Pedro.

$40,000 of spaghetti.


If not illegal, immoral, unethical and Joe Buscaino has left kids in Harbor Gateway South with nothing. No Boys & Girls Club, taking $40,000 away from a program to stop kids from joining gangs.

Joe Buscaino would rather take that money and spend it on spaghetti.

So let's get this in order now...Joe Buscaino de-funded the Cheryl Green 'Boys & Girls Club' which is now closed with no place for kids in this area to go. And he took $40,000 from the Gang Alternatives Program which was created to stop kids from joining gangs.

Joe Buscaino must hate kids. Cause he surely fks them over.

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