• Earl Jefferson

Joe Buscaino Asked for Traffic Safety @ Western Ave, Elderly Handicapped Man Crossing, Hit & Run

The strip on Western Avenue between Torrance Boulevard and Del Amo Boulevard is a traffic nightmare. Multiple accidents have taken place on a 1/4 mile strip between those two streets and the community concerned with safety crossing Western Avenue have asked Councilmember Joe Buscaino to resolve this, to work with Assemblyman Mike Gipson to create traffic patterns to ensure the quality of life for residents living there.

As usual with Joe Buscaino, nothing but crickets.


An elderly man living in an assisted living home was crossing Western Avenue at 206th street tonight and hit by a speeding car in an apparent hit and run. His condition is unknown at this time and this is the exact location where residents have asked multiple times at neighborhood council meetings for traffic signals and crossings for the safety of residents living in the area.

School buses pick up children on that strip. Teens going to high school and riding public transportation on Western Avenue are in danger and Joe Buscaino has done nothing. Asked and ignored as more accidents happen in that area.

"Residents have requested that Joe Buscaino take the lead in asking for a traffic study," said Rick Thomas preparing to run for City Council in 2022. "This is ultimate negligence," he added.

"A quarter mile stretch on Western Avenue needs to have traffic signals and since this area separates Torrance from Los Angeles Mike Gipson needs to be integrated in this process and Joe Buscaino has ignored our requests," said Rick Thomas.

This is the second handicapped person either critically injured as he was tonight or caused a driver to swerve into a pole on Western Avenue to avoid hitting a man in a wheelchair crossing this street.

Rick Thomas says he will be introducing a series of initiatives in the near future to ensure that Council District 15 creates clean streets and safe streets for its residents. "Joe Buscaino is a massive failure and needs to be replaced and I will be asking residents to identify issues that affect this community. While Joe Buscaino spends tax dollars in Las Vegas, San Antonio and Washington, DC, I plan on spending all of my time fixing the issues in the district misrepresentd by Joe Buscaino."

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