• Earl Jefferson

Jackie Lacey Gets Payback, While Mayor Garcetti, Crooked Buscaino, Others Running for Ignore LA

Updated: Mar 2

Good for Black Lives Matter. Many don't agree with their tactics and quite frankly most don't like the idea of showing up at Jackie Lacey or any politico's home to protest issues that face the community in Los Angeles.

But Jackie Lacey is a prime example of Los Angeles politicians that pretty much don't do shit to fix the issues facing the neighborhoods of Los Angeles and beyond.

And it's our fault. As voters and stakeholders , as residents of the city of Los Angeles we are pissed. Really fking pissed.

But we keep voting for the same fking aholes.

Not this voter. Not this stakeholder. Not this resident. On Saturday I voted for George Gascon who is running for City Attorney lcity of Los Angeles. And I have no clue who George Gascon is. Never heard of him. It was Jackie Lacey last time, last time until now when her dumb ass husband decided to brandish a gun pointed at the chest of a Black Live Matter activist.

Again I don't agree with all that Black Lives Matter represents especially when they show up at the home of a politician in the wee small hours of the morning...but people are pissed.

Truly pissed.

Let me start with the issues and there are many. To name a few:

  1. Illegal dumpingIllegal use of banned fireworksStreets with no weekly sweeping

  2. Street corners that do not meet ADA compliance with no handicapped ramps 

  3. Misuse of funds from the of Gang Alternative Program diverted to personal events in Council District 15

  4. Abandoned properties that are not closed properly and are wide open for vandalism

  5. Streets with improper traffic patterns

  6. Streets with no Stop signs or Yield signs where we've asked for replacements and have received no response

The only departments doing their job in Los Angeles are the Los Angeles Police Department and the Sanitation Department when 311 requests are made for illegal dumping, graffiti and abandoned cars.

Everyone else has failed.

Let's start with Crooked Joe Buscaino who has spend more time in Las Vegas, San Antonio and Washington, DC spending taxpayer money, leaving his Council District 15 in shambles.

Where Mayor Eric Garcetti? In Texas with Joe Biden. Now Joe's my boy but the streets in Los Angeles are full of homeless people, illegal dumping, gangs and other issues when this ahole is nowhere to be seen.

So over the next couple of weeks will take on the challenges of Los Angeles and come up with solutions and recommendations to solve some of these issues and will begin to name those responsible to fix problems yet do nothing.

Time to name names. And so it begins. For the record look at the images in the 15th Council District supposedly led by Crooked Joe Buscaino as an example of the way politicians treat their residents like shit.

It's pretty sad.

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