• Earl Jefferson

In Council Dist 15 It's 'Crooked Buscaino' in Wilmington He Goes By the Name of 'Traitor Joe'

This is a good one! Seems the people in Council District 15 aren't the only people represented by City Councilmember Joe Buscaino who get treated like shit by Joe Buscaino. The city of Wilmington or more directly Citizens For a Better Wilmington apparently feel the same way.

So will be working on the following:

1 - Filing complaint with the Los Angeles Ethics Commission over the diversion of Gang Alternatives Program money, some $40,000 in 2016 and 2018 to his personal programs of Italian Heritage Month activities.

2 - Filing a complaint with the Department of Justice over the same diversion of funds.

3 - Filing a complaint with the DOJ with respect to ADA issues on Harvard Boulevard between Del Amo and Torrance Boulevard where there are no handicapped ramps. Work on them was started and stopped with no timetable to be finished.

There are many more complaints that will be filing on behalf of the community against Crooked Joe Buscaino. More to come.

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