• Earl Jefferson

Illegal Dumping at Place Where Crooked 'Joe Buscaino' Takes Down Illegal Dumping Signage

As expected when the office of Councilmember Crooked Joe Buscaino took down "No Dumping" signs that reduced illegal dumping in the South Bay the exact place where there was a sign, well the image below tells the story.

Yes this is what happens when idiots at Crooked Joe Buscaino's council office "Do Nothing" to resolve the illegal dumping problems that have gone on for years in council district 15. Oh they do have a resolution.

Sorry we lied.

Crooked Joe Buscaino and his staff DID come up with a solution. They told us at a neighborhood council meeting that they know we're "frustrated" but to put up signs basically insulting people who don't do their jobs is unfair to the office of Crooked Joe Buscaino.

So that's their resolution. To "Do Nothing."

Well here's the chair that was dropped illegally at Denker and Del Amo. Good work Crooked Joe Buscaino. Good work.

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