• Earl Jefferson

GOT YOUR ATTENTION NOW? 'Do Nothing' Joe Buscaino Removes 'No Dumping Signs'

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Well it's about time Joe Buscaino. It's about time Councilmember Joe Buscaino got the message. Today 'No Dumping' signs paid for and created by this blog were removed from areas of his represented Council District 15. Areas where illegal dumping has caused furniture, tires, discarded television sets, rats and other rodents with disease are horrific WITH NO RESOLUTIONS from Joe Buscaino.

HORRIFIC conditions and this Councilmember Joe Buscaino is completely missing in action doing nothing to resolve the problem EXCEPT removing 'NO DUMPING' signs from the neighborhoods where help is needed.

Not a good move Joe Buscaino. Not a real good move Joe Buscaino. The best part about this is that the signs were cheap. So you accomplished nothing Joe Buscaino. Even better NOW WE HAVE YOUR FKING ATTENTION!!!

Now you see that run to be Mayor Joe Buscaino slowly slipping away NOW that people living in your district suffering from illegal dumping and of course the massive increase in homeless people on the streets ESPECIALLY on Lomita Boulevard between Vermont and Normandie keeps growing and growing in your district. will make every effort to ensure that you Joe Buscaino NEVER become Mayor of the city of Los Angeles. Each and every day will upload stories focusing on the pathetic conditions in Council District 15 represented by you Joe Buscaino.

Your representation Joe Buscaino is a massive failure. And the fact that you Joe Buscaino took away the efforts to clean up your filthy district YOU are now the target of ending your political career as you well know.


And you probably wondering why your name gets repeated over and over in this story Joe Buscaino? Well our SEO campaign has begun. And if you know anything about SEO Joe Buscaino, look it up.

And one more thing Joe Buscaino. Feel free to file suit anytime. Anytime. The exposure will be wonderful!

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