• Earl Jefferson

"Fire the Mayor" as 'Fight Back Los Angeles' Holds Second Protest at Eric Garcetti's Residence

The homeless number of people has increased dramatically in Los Angeles. While Eric Garcetti tried in vain to become the next 'Mayor Pete,' spending an enormous amount of time in Iowa, human beings with no place to go are scattered all over Los Angeles. It's an embarrassment to those who love Los Angeles but of more importance Mayor Garcetti has been missing in action with resolution to this issue.

'Fight Back Los Angeles' is looking to make it clear to the Mayor that he's getting a F grade and 'Fight Back Los Angeles' has had it and held it second demonstration to "Fire the Mayor" and do something about the homeless issue.

Which leads to a connected issue of drugs and crime on the streets of Los Angeles. Homeless people are infringing on homeowner's properties and of significant importance is the trash and disease that is spreading all across Los Angeles. "Fight Back Los Angeles' is committed to pushing not only the Mayor to react but City Council as well to come up with a resolution to these problems.

Hence these demonstrations at the Mayor's residence. Find out more about 'Fight Back Los Angeles at their Facebook page below.

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