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We started from nowhere and now we are somewhere. The incredible growth was expected. And it has happened. was created to show the massive neglect to the residents in Harbor Gateway South area represented by Councilmember Joe Buscaino. The illegal dumping, the homeless issue that keeps growing, the illegal fireworks, just the ongoing lack of attention to this area by Joe Buscaino.

The area is a sewer and this area is misrepresented by Joe Buscaino.

The area is a cesspool and this area is misrepresented by Joe Buscaino.

Now this website is blowing up. How many websites are there worldwide? Well we checked it out and found the number over 1.5 billion.

That's a huge number.

But now we've done an analysis of to determine how the site was doing and found out surprisingly that the Joe Buscaino 'Do Nothing' effort is growing worldwide. is now in the top 20% of all websites worldwide!! Now in Top 20% of Websites Worldwide

The word is getting out. People are checking us out and that's good because Joe Buscaino is of course doing nothing but taking and not giving back as his "fk you" attitude towards Harbor Gateway South must end.

Joe Buscaino must NOT become Mayor of the great city of Los Angeles and until he pays more attention to his district this website will continue to expose his misrepresentation of Council District 15.

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