• Earl Jefferson City No Help With Illegal Dumping, Residents Pay The Bill

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

They have arrived! The 'NO DUMPING' signs have arrived. And they are going up all over the Harbor South community. Since Joe Buscaino is still missing in action, action is taking place.


Because Joe Buscaino and his office along with the city say they don't make them any more. Now remember this is the city complaining about illegal dumping from the homeless population but Joe Buscaino hae been slow to do anything about it.


We can't even get a few damn signs made up. And the issue continues. Trash piles up all over Council District 15, Joe Buscaino does nothing.

So, the all new website dedicated to cleaning up the areas repped by Joe Bucaino, the site you're on right now has paid for the signs. And they are being placed all over CD 15. Check out some of the images here.


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