• Earl Jefferson

'Do Nothing' Joe Buscaino Puts First Responders Lives at Risk, Hydrant Covered in Illegal Dumping

Look at this picture. This is what Councilmember Joe Buscaino has done by taking down 'No Dumping' signs in the Harbor Gateway South area. When it comes to Harbor Gateway South apparently Joe Buscaino has given the middle finger to the area.

Now this! Illegal dumping around a fire hydrant! What will you do Joe Buscaino???

As usual Joe Buscaino will do nothing.

Joe Buscaino NOW is putting the lives of first responders at risk. Because Joe Buscaino had his people take down 'No Dumping' signs aimed at relieving the illegal dumping in the city areas that need cleanup, taking down those signs has resulted in those guilty of illegal dumping now doing what is shown in this picture below.

But we have the attention of Joe Buscaino now don't we Joe Buscaino. He surely is pissed at Joe Buscaino really is pissed.

Illegal Dumping at a Fire Hydrant in Area Misrepresented by Joe Buscaino

This is a direct result of the middle finger Joe Buscaino has given to people living in the district he misrepresents. Now that the lives of firemen and women at at risk 'No Show Joe' Buscaino has no resolution to the massive issue of illegal dumping in his area.

And he wants to be the Mayor of Los Angeles???

If he runs this will all be exposed. Joe Buscaino and his lack of attention to his district is obvious and will ensure that he never gets to be mayor.

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