• Earl Jefferson

Do Nothing Joe Buscaino F#$ks Over Wilmington, Permits Violent Perps to Live Near Pre-Schools

Updated: Mar 2

Joe Buscaino fails again.

Yes Joe Buscaino fails again.

While residents put in over twenty 311 requests in one area of Council District 15, NOW Do Nothing Joe Buscaino is allowing violent offenders to be released in to a private residence in the city of Wilmington, another area misrepresented by Joe Buscaino. And as usual Joe Buscaino is dumping crap on Wilmington WITH NO COMMUNITY INPUT!!!

This transitional housing that Joe Buscaino is allowing is located at 1306 M Street in Wilmington and this address is near Harbor College and near two pre-schools .


And these prisoners have not finished their prison stretches but Joe Buscaino is allowing this to happen. And community members are pissed.

Typical Joe Buscaino, known for diverting funds from community programs and taking money from crooked real estate investors is now f#$king over his constituents one more time.

Time for Joe Buscaino to go.

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