• Earl Jefferson

Distressed Council District 15 Misrepresented by Joe Buscaino, Now Seeing Massive, Positive Changes

And the community had done it with zero help from Councilmember Crooked Joe Buscaino. Zero help from Joe Buscaino.

Calls to LA 311 for graffiti t removal down to pretty much zero. No thanks to Crooked Joe Buscaino.

Calls to LA for illegal dumping down 80% since the community banded together to report offenders. No thanks to Crooked Joe Buscaino.

The street sweeping that should be taking place is still missing. Thanks to Crooked Joe Buscaino.

The area of mention falls between Torrance to Denker to Del Amo to Western and back down to Torrance. It's been a cesspool with consistent lack of city services until came along to highlight the corruption and misuse of funds by Crooked Joe Buscaino. Crooked Joe Buscaino took $40,000 in funds from the Gang Alternatives Program and instead of using those funds to continue the fight against gangs in Los Angeles, Crooked Joe Buscaino put $40,000 in to spaghetti dinners in San Pedro.

But the community is fighting back, joining together even trying to stop what you see in the image below. Bottom line Crooked Joe Buscaino must be removed from City Council and surely must not be elected to another higher office in Los Angeles.

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