• Earl Jefferson

Complaint to Be Filed Against LA/CD15 for ADA Violations, Lack of Handicapped Ramps on Harvard Blvd

Joe Buscaino fails again. For two years the community has been asking his office for the construction and completion of handicapped curb ramps on corners on Harvard Boulevard from Del Amo Avenue to Torrance Boulevard.

What's been the response from Joe Buscaino?


Nothing but crickets.

According to the Americans With Disabilities Act they are required at all residential city blocks and the most horrific part of what Joe Buscaino hasn't done on Harvard Boulevard is having the curb ramps start compliance measures and the stopping.

Yes the curb ramps were actually started at some point. Look at the two photos below where the city of Los Angeles began construction of those curb ramps and then literally left them incomplete.

"This is negligence at its worst," said Rick Thomas who is looking to run for City Council District 15 in 2022. "There is absolutely no reason for this especially with a massive number of elderly and handicapped residents in this area. I will be filing a complaint with the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division on Monday."

Thomas notes the ongoing issues the community is having with Joe Buscaino and his lack of representation for Council District 15. "We have massive issues including the increase in homeless people, the lack of weekly street cleaning in high residential area, illegal dumping and now streets not meeting compliance with the ADA and this needs to be addressed. That will happen on Monday."

The array of photos show multiple violations on Harvard Boulevard from Del Amo to Torrance which includes the streets of 204th, 205th, 207th, 208th, 209th and down to Torrance Boulevard. Not one corner is compliant and multiple requests to Joe Buscaino and his office have been ignored.

"Joe Buscaino has failed the community and the residents in Council District 15," said Rick Thomas. "Should I decide to run I am going to fix all of these issues Joe Buscaino has consistently failed to address."

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