• Earl Jefferson

And So It Begins, LA City Cutbacks Services in Black and Brown Hoods Repped by Joe Buscaino

Updated: Mar 2

We knew this was coming. We knew once the city started talking about cutbacks in Los Angeles due to Covid 19 raging through California, areas in African American and Hispanic neighborhoods would feel the first impact.

And of course City Councilmember Joe Buscaino who reps the 15th District is allowing these neighborhoods of color, already impacted by the lack of basic city services, to drop even further in to despair.

As of this week areas of zip code 90501 did not receive bulky item or illegal dumping pickups. And where is Joe Buscaino?

On holiday.

Everyone in Joe Buscaino's office is on vacation while the streets continue to pile up with trash and garbage in neighborhoods where black and brown people live in Los Angeles.

This has been a constant pattern with Joe Buscaino. Constantly not keeping tabs on the issues that have been happening in these areas for too many years. Filthy streets are the usual pattern in Council District 15 repped by Joe Buscaino. Illegal dumping is normal for the area repped by Joe Buscaino. No weekly street sweeping and other vital services are the norm for the area that Joe Buscaino represents.

The pictures here are just ones from the 311 filings last week. Joe Buscaino has failed. Time for Joe Buscaino to go.

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